Thursday, April 14, 2011

Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree happenings

  • During the last week I've made lots more origami crane pieces. I'm also currently making lots more of my japanesey jewellery (clay and chiyogami) - must remember to post some pics before they sell.
  • More "happy customer" photos posted here. If you have a pic of yourself wearing Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree jewellery and would love to share, email me: I will send you a thank you gift!
  • I have added a little music player at the right of my blog -----> do you want to know what kind of music I'm into? Have a listen. Tell me what you think!
  • Christina from Down and Out Chic has included my patchwork brooch in one of her gorgeous blog entries.



I think I just spotted your patchwork piece in Lulu on Carlisle Street???

PS: Speaking of jewelry...If you have a moment, stop by and check out the giveaway I'm running

Jo said...

Great week Jacq! It's all happening! I've got something exciting happening on Monday ... can't wait to see it!!