Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kiva Loans

Did you know that some of my business profits go towards donating towards Kiva micro loans?

These loans enable people in poverty stricken countries the chance to start up and build on their own small business. It ultimately helps provide their family with funds for basic necessities which we take for granted and it also helps enrichen their whole community. I feel so fortunate to be able to have established a jewellery business which began as a little hobby - it's not really something I need to be doing for financial reasons necessarily but because I enjoy my work. It makes me feel for those who are suffering because they are unable to work because they haven't the means to finance the establishment of a little business which could make a massive change to their circumstances. Anyway, I love the idea of the Kiva loans and love being able to help these people out. I find their stories fascinating and I love reading the updates about their business ventures.

Today I loaned to Hawa from Sierra Leone who sells clothing. Good Luck Hawa!

If you look at my blog's sidebar, there is a neat Kiva badge which shows the loans I have been making.


Thereisabuttonmissing said...

Well done for being another loyal Kiva supporter. I love Kiva and regularly loan to a number of people. Continue to spread the word!

Francis said...
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